Elementary Activities

Pickle-ball Invasion game idea #2

What you need: Pickle-ball rackets for the class, 20+ tennis/pickle-balls, lines

Pickle-ball steal – There are 2-4 teams each with a home base of balls.  Students must go (with their racket) and take a ball from another team and carry it without dropping it back to their team – You may flip score if desired – As an extension the students may flip the ball in air and catch again, or bounce the ball in the air all the way back.  

If the ball hits the ground they must take the ball back then go back to their own side to try again.  As an extension students must do a fitness activity before trying again.

Make this game even more interesting by adding 1-3 defenders and if a student is tagged before reaching the safe zone (with the bucket of balls) they must do an exercise before rejoining their side.

Pickle-ball Invasion game idea #1

What you need: 6-8 hula-hoops, 6-8 pickleball rackets, 3-4 containers, 10-20 tennis/pickle balls

There are 2 (or 4) teams.  Each team has on their side 1 or 2 hula hoops with a racket inside.  Each team is trying to protect their own hula-hoops while invading other teams areas.  When a student from another team gets a foot into the hula-hoop they have a chance to hit a ball into that teams container.  If they make it, they take that ball back to their area.if they miss they return the equipment and go back to their side.  

If they are tagged before getting into the hoop they must do an activity before rejoining their side. The team with the most balls at the end wins.

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