American Football Overhand Throw Assessment

American Football Overhand Throw Assessment


a. Stands with side to target

b. Grip on the back 1/3 of the ball

c. Brings ball up to ear

d. Steps toward target

e. Turns upper body to target

f. Extends arm to target

g. Follows through across body, thumb down



Score: _______/7

Volleyball Underhand Serve Assessment

Volleyball Underhand Serve Assessment


a. Has a staggered stance

b. Holds ball about waist height in front of body

c. Strikes the ball about waist height off of the other hand.

d. Strikes ball with the fist/heel of the hand.

e. Ball lands  in opposite court



Attempt 1:       _____/5


Attempt 2:       _____/5


Total:               _____/10

Badminton Game play checklist

Badminton Game play assessment


a. Returns serve to disadvantage opponent

b. Uses a variety of serving options (ie. short-long, drive-flick, fore-backhand)

c. Rallies opponent out of position (ie. varying depth of shots, Front-back, side-side, hits to corners)

d. Returns to central location after each hit

e. Recognizes opponents’ weaknesses and plays to them (ie. Hits to backhand, for a drop, for a clear)



Total:     /5

Education evaluation

Education evaluation

Even though I do think it’s important to see how countries are doing in their respective jobs of Education, I agree with paragraph 5 whole heartedly.  Creating an educational evaluation system that has grades as only ONE aspect, and not the entire aspect is a wonderful idea.  Although it’s not exactly a novel idea, but an essential one that I think needs to be pursued more.