Multi-use alphabet cards

Some that has been in the works for a while is some alphabet cards that can be used for multiple games and activities.  I plan to use them in partner and individual games spelling words and names.  Collecting letters, shapes, or colours.  I also plan on adding some stickers to the backs to further change how games can be played/scored.  I plan on making another deck on different coloured card stock as well.  Here is the process I went through, and it really didn’t take that long!

1st I found a free alphabet that I liked.


2nd I cut the letters out and glued them to come card stock.  (I needed them to stay on the ground even if it gets windy outside)


3rd I cut them out and labeled the back as I plan on making a few decks.


4th I found a free shape page, added the Spanish word (I work in a very bilingual setting) and printed them in various colours.


5th I glued them on the back of the cards and laminated them to help preserve them.


I hope this post has given you some ideas about what you can do!


UPDATE: Just used these the other day and the students had a lot of fun!

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