PE for ELLs

It’s been brought to my attention that many of the students in my class are missing the ideas and content merely because English is not their first language. While this is something I’ve dabbled with in the past (using English and Spanish for labeling) but it’s not something I’ve put a lot of effort into. This page is going to be my venturing into making the language of physical activity and movement more understandable and comprehensible to my ELL population (and all my other students). I’ve decided to start with the 6th grade SHAPE America standards. The lesson plans will be presented in SIOP form to accentuate the language aspect. Happy Teaching! –Darrell Haines

MS Dance standard S1.M1.6

I ended up teaching a similar lesson last year with a much smaller focus on language using Bachata, a dance originating from the Dominican Republic, however many other dances could be substituted here. The music and dance are very popular here so that is why I decided to teach it. I focused on basic steps trying to give the students a base from which to expand and improve on. It was very effective the way it was run and all the students really enjoyed it. I’ve attached the SIOP form lesson plan below feel free to download and adapt for your purposes. Happy Teaching! –Darrell Haines

MS Throwing and Catching standards S1.M2&3.6

So I tend to group these standards together for reasons that I feel are obvious. For this undertaking I thought that I’d split them up, but as I began to work on them I realized they shouldn’t be separated. The main game listed in the Lesson plan is an adaptation of another game I’ve used in a Wiffleball unit called Cricketball. I can’t remember where I found it. This plan needs a little more space, however, even as I write this it occurs to me that if one was to use paper crumpled up into a ball the game would still work as described. Happy Teaching! –Darrell Haines

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