volleyball stations with record keeping

Vball stations record cards

Promote individual and partner practice, reinforce proper technique, help students learn and improve for themselves. Around 2-4 minutes per station students record highest number consecutive hits. Students work around the stations 3 different days, hopefully seeing improvement, and upon completion the 3rd day reflect on why they did or did not improve in any of the activities. See attachment.

Volleyball Forearm Pass Assessment

Volleyball Forearm Pass Assessment


a. Put hands together with thumbs side by side

b. Has knees bent

c. Strikes the ball using the forearms

d. Ball goes toward target


Attempt 1:       _______/4


Attempt 2:       _______/4


Total:               _______/8

Volleyball Underhand Serve Assessment

Volleyball Underhand Serve Assessment


a. Has a staggered stance

b. Holds ball about waist height in front of body

c. Strikes the ball about waist height off of the other hand.

d. Strikes ball with the fist/heel of the hand.

e. Ball lands  in opposite court



Attempt 1:       _____/5


Attempt 2:       _____/5


Total:               _____/10