Badminton Game play checklist

Badminton Game play assessment


a. Returns serve to disadvantage opponent

b. Uses a variety of serving options (ie. short-long, drive-flick, fore-backhand)

c. Rallies opponent out of position (ie. varying depth of shots, Front-back, side-side, hits to corners)

d. Returns to central location after each hit

e. Recognizes opponents’ weaknesses and plays to them (ie. Hits to backhand, for a drop, for a clear)



Total:     /5


Badminton Overhead Clear

Overhead clear checklist


a. Turn and point

b. Move feet

c. Extends arm to contact

d. Strikes birdie slightly in front of body

e. Snaps wrist on contact

f. Follows through across body




…This feels like a little much to accurately observe…