My new Elementary PE Classroom management

So I have recently started a new job teaching elementary PE prek2 to grade 5.  In my student teaching I had a teacher who used baseball as a framework for classroom management using “Out” for stop, put equipment down, hands on knees and look at the teacher.  She said “Coach” and all the students would come over and gather around her, and so on.

I have taken that idea, but I like soccer (and it’s big at my school) so I am going to use soccer as my framework.

“Timeout” – Stop equipment down, hands on knees and look at the teacher.

“Coach” – Come and sit around the teacher.

“Play” – Go and do the activity just described.

“Half time” – put equipment away and go get a water drink (I work in a hot country).

“Full time” – put equipment away and meet in the middle circle.

I am also planning on using the system of punishment soccer uses.

**Class reminders don’t count, they are general reminders to keep students on task when needed.

  1. A warning – go to student say “this is a warning”, and explain what you saw the student do OR what the student should be doing.  You only get one warning.
  2. A Yellow Card – go to the student pull out a yellow card that has two questions on it. “What did I do?” and “What can I do differently next time?”  For a Yellow Card the student must go sit in a designated area (THE “bench”) and when they can answer those questions they go to the teacher and answer them. Then they may continue with the activity.
  3. A Red Card – two Yellow Cards equals a red card and red cards are for very dangerous or disrespectful offences.  For the red cards the student must go to the bench for 2-3 minutes.  And/or for grades 2-5, the student must now write down the answers to the two questions before they may go to the teacher to return to the activity.  The teacher has the discretion to require a redo if the first time was insufficient.  The teacher may also require an apology depending on the situation.

Another facet of my new classroom management is the what to do when we disagree poster (not yet created!) that will show a few different ways to solve minor disagreements: Rock, Paper, Scissors for example.

Here’s to a new year, a fresh start, and trying new things.

Let me know what you think if you get the chance.

One thought on “My new Elementary PE Classroom management

  1. I greatly enjoyed this article! Have been reading
    your blog for a while now and your always coming out with some great posts.
    I shared this on my facebook and my followers loved it!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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