Trying to grow their mindset

Class Teaching

growth-mindsetThe 15 Minute Forum last week was led by science teacher, Becky Owen.  Becky started the session by explaining why she thought the idea of a growth mindset was so important.  Put very simply, the students that she has taught who have been and are successful, tend to have many of the attributes described by a ‘growth mindset’ (see above).  They seem to understand that ‘Working harder, makes you smarter’ (thanks John Tomsett).  With this in mind, Becky has been trying to adjust her teaching in order to foster this mindset with her students.  The most important idea behind the growth mindset, is that intelligence is not fixed and can be developed.  If students are to believe this, we need to provide opportunities for them to experience it i.e. that through their efforts, they can experience success.  Alongside this of course, students also need to understand that failure, or not getting…

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