Is grouping students in year levels the best method for teaching?

the social mindset of education….why do we group students by age?


When a baby is born, everyone is very excited about the news. The parents are very proud of their new arrival and continue to be as the little one starts meeting all the normal milestones along the way as part of growing up: lifting his/her head, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, first word etc.

What interests me is, while we recognise there are certain milestone that should occur at general times for a normally developing baby, we don’t hold a child to any particular timeline to achieve each step on their journey. We don’t except a baby to do a lesson on walking on Monday and achieve it by Friday or they fail. We don’t provide intervention support for babies who are slower to walk than others. Similarly we allow babies to achieve milestones earlier if they are able. No one says to a baby, “I’m sorry, you shouldn’t be sitting up yet…

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