Beliefs, Fromage Frais & The Pygmalion Effect

high expectations?

Class Teaching

DHS drama teacher and occasional guest blogger Lesley Graney is back, thinking about beliefs, fromage frais and The Pygmalion Effect.  Read on……


What do beliefs, fromage frais and the Pygmalion Effect have in common? Where is she going with this?  Well…..I read a blog and watched a clip on ‘The Pygmalion Effect’ on the same week that my beliefs were shattered about a certain brand of … fromage frais.

This week I may have found out that I could have been a bad mother due to my beliefs!  I have been giving my children this certain brand of fromage frais, REGUARLY!!  Like every day, regularly.

Well, ‘What’s wrong with that?’, I hear you ask, surely you are saying, ‘it’s a healthy, fruit based yogurt providing one of your children’s 5 day; you should be applauded.’

No, it’s not.  My belief was shattered this week as I read in a national…

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