The Pygmalion Effect

Class Teaching

pygmalion effect

Whilst perusing twitter last night Dan Brinton shared this video, featuring Professor Robert Rosenthal talking about the Pygmalion Effect – described above:

The whole idea of teacher expectations shaping the intellectual performance of students is a very strong one – and fits in very nicely with the principles of ‘Growth Mindset’ and an ‘Ethic of Excellence’.  What interested me in this video though were the 4 key factors that teachers can implement in the classroom, to make the effect happen.  By observing how teachers acted with students they thought needed to be pushed and challenged, we can in fact focus in on how we should be working with all students, all of the time – in an attempt to raise our expectations of all.  A short summary of the 4 factors follows.

1. Climate

Create a warm classroom climate, in terms of what we say to students and non-verbal cues.  Be nice to…

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